Bona Floor Spray Mop is here!

Just spray, clean and enjoy the natural beauty of hardwood floors. This Bona Hardwood Floor Mop Kit takes cleaning to the next level by combining a high quality cleaner with a durable, premium spray mop and washable microfiber pad. Easy to use, this small and compact cleaning mop is just what you need to clean and maintain your wood and tiled flooring. Vacuumstore takes pride is offering the very best in hardwood floor care.

Miele Vacuum Cleaners for 2017

Miele has made a few changes this year. First thing is they have streamlined there bag and filter selection. 7 filters and 5 bags. They now refer to there products as Classic, Compact, and Complete. Canisters C1, C2, C3 and the uprights are now the Dynamic U1. They also have the Stick vacuum that is now the H1.

Here are the Upright vacuums. They have change just a little. The Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick SHAE0 is new and is only $399.00 ! It lacks a beater brush motor but still has the closed seal filtration.

Vacuumstore has many new products and sales.

During the past few years, Vacuum Store has went thru some noticeable changes. and some not so noticeable changes. Visually it works on smart phones and other portable devices. But mostly is the addiction to a central vacuum parts categories. Beam, Electrolux, Vacuflo, Honeywell and other brands have been added to the parts data base. If you need a part for your Beam, Electrolux, or other central vacuum type. Look here for the best chance of finding it on the internet. If you can not find what your looking for please call for assistance.

Vacuumstore has the New XLS970 system. XLS 970 Soft Clean Special Edition system is the best priced kit anywhere on the planet. It simply has the most powerful system,.. the Canavac XLS 970 and the Best attachment set for “Ultra soft Carpet ” The Wessel Werks Soft Clean Set. This great complete set has everything you need to keep your home clean and fresh for years to come. The Canavac XLS 970 has the power to clean homes over 15,000 feet in size.